Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Boudoir with Ashley

Another instance of getting together with an old friend from back home!  Hooray!  I've done photos or Ashley three times, and this boudoir shoot is my fourth with her.  The first three were with her fiance Jason, and this time, it was *for* her fiance!  Ashley brought some fabulous outfits and ideas to the table, and I think I am most excited about this boudoir session compared to so many others I've done because this one had a bridal touch to it -- and even better, she's waiting until the wedding to "unveil" (haha, I'm so funny!) the rest of the photos!  Here are two that she let me post:

Melissa and Jon - Maternity

It only took months of planning and rescheduling, but I finally got to shoot with my friend Melissa!  Melissa and Jon are expecting a baby boy, and I had the honor of shooting her maternity photos.  One of my favorite things about my job and traveling back home is when I get to see old friends from 10+ years ago who are doing fabulous things with their lives, getting married, and having babies.  This session definitely falls into that category.  I hope I get to shoot newborn photos for her, too!  :)

The rest of Melissa's session can be found on my Facebook page!