Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Little Florida Fun

I had a blast in Florida with all of my photo shoots, but I did have a little extra fun with my awesome family.  :)  Here are a few pictures from my Florida weekend.

My Autumn got to play on the beach during my beach shoot with the Koshlap family.  She loves the water so much...if I didn't know any better, I'd say she was a fish.
We also went to Gatorland. Autumn loved it, and has talked quite a bit about being an "alligator trainer" after seeing the gator wrestlin' show.
I'm not a huge fan of birds, but aren't these colors gorgeous??

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Koshlaps Go to the Beach

What a wonderfully sweet family!  I met the Koshlaps through my mama.  There is nothing to NOT like about this bunch, and the girls were so well-behaved and just so much fun to shoot!  Aimee and Kelly, you have a beautiful family, and I can't wait to take pictures for you all again!

Aren't these girls the cutest?!  You know what's funny?  I didn't ask them to cross their legs all the same!  You made my job so easy, girls!
This was all THEIR idea!  I love it when people bring ideas with them!  :)
I always love to get kids to do this :) What's a photo shoot without some goofing off...
You can see the rest of their shoot on my Facebook page!

The Atkins Family - Dress Trashin' Boys!

The Atkins family - what a pleasure to shoot!  Alyssa and I went to high school together, and it's so nice to see old friends with families of their own...cute ones, at that!  Alyssa, Jared, Chase and Reily were fabulous subjects. Alyssa was interested in a trash the dress session, and decided to involve the three most important men in her life - her husband and two sons.  Her dress turned out to be a masterpiece, and was actually pretty cool!  The rest of their session can be found at Beck Wagnon Photography's Facebook page.  :)

I hope she puts the dress in a cool does that look?!

Ashley - Trash the Dress / Freedom

Ashley and I go back - way back - to our elementary school days.  It had to have been 2nd or 3rd grade when we first met.  We played softball together.  Ended up in junior high Spanish together...  And wound up with most of our high school classes together.

When I started this company up, and I was trying to think of women that would be willing to trash their wedding dress, Ashley was the very first person I thought of.  I should mention that this is not any ordinary Trash the Dress session, though.  This Trash the Dress session celebrates Ashley's freedom and new-found love of her life.

I know from personal experience that not everything goes as planned or how you'd hoped.  Ashley's wedding was a beautiful celebration, but even beautiful celebrations can't keep two people together.  I'm proud of Ashley for standing up for herself and doing what she knew to be the right thing.  I'm also extremely happy for her, and her new love, Jason.

This Trash the Dress is about Ashley's happiness and freedom from something that wasn't right for her. It also signifies closure.  Oh, and a really good time, too!  :)  Ever wonder how fast a wedding dress will burn?  :)

Ashley was just getting started...

Check the rest of the album out!

Chels - A Little Bit of Pin-up

This is Chels, my nearly sister-in-law.  She practically is - all that's really missing is some bling and a ceremony.  This girl puts up with my brother, Matt, and that makes her automatically family.  She's also endured my daughter stealing her Uncle Mamoo away, planting herself right between the two of them, because she's marrying her Uncle Mamoo.  Let's not forget that Chels has also endured my daughter putting her little fingers right into Chels' ear.

I've been really excited about doing this session with Chels - just look at her - she's gorgeous, and her smile is pretty much fabulous.   You can find the rest of Chels' session on my Facebook page.

Also, meet Dylan, Chels and Matty's dog!  Isn't he cute?!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Alyssa and Anthony - The Showdown

Following Alyssa and Anthony's couples' session, they had a showdown.  Not just any showdown...a messy showdown.  Fingerpaint, foam soap, silly string, glitter, confetti, and whipped cream.  It was fabulous, and probably one of the most fun sessions to shoot!  Here are a few photos...

This picture of Alyssa is my absolute favorite!!

As always, check out my Facebook site to see the rest of the photos!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Alyssa and Anthony - Couples Shoot

Alyssa and Anthony had a sweet couples/engagement shoot on 13 February.  The pair had engagement pictures done at presumably a local department store photography studio - those pictures have been the topic of a few discussions regarding awkwardly posed photos. Alyssa and Anthony are a beautiful couple, and their baby boy, Brody (see a few entries back for Brody's 3 month photos) is pretty darn their awkwardly posed photos - starry night background, anyone? - just didn't do them justice.  Here are a few favorites from my shoot!

To see more from this shoot, check out my Facebook page!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Valentine's Day Shoot

Happy Valentine's Day from Beck Wagnon Photography!  :)

Autumn and Kendall had a blast during this shoot - when else would you get cakes, cookies, candy and brownie batter...and permission to make a mess and eat as much sugar as you can?  To see the rest of the pictures, visit my Facebook page - and make sure you "like" Beck Wagnon Photography!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tara - Trash the Dress

What a fun shoot!

Your mama always told you to be careful when you're wearing that white shirt (or dress), didn't she?  She'd be pretty ticked off if you messed it up, wouldn't she?  What about that bride who was SO paranoid that her beautiful, pure, white dress would be ruined for her big day? 

What about those people who throw complete caution into the wind and just go with it?

Tara's one of those people!  This girl was FABULOUS to shoot, let me tell you!  It was 50-something degrees outside, and the water was probably 38 or 39 degrees.  Most people, myself included, would think, "Are you crazy?  I'm not going in that water."  Tara didn't care.  She jumped in.  Totally committed!

The idea of Trash the Dress isn't for everyone - most women think that their dress is incredibly sentimental and they want to save it for their future daughters...the majority of which will not be caught dead in their mom's old school wedding dress, by the way...  Why not have fun after your big day?  Mess it up, make some memories - that's what Trash the Dress is about.  Now, this shoot with Tara wasn't with a wedding dress, but it certainly played off of the same concept - have fun, get messy, and make sure you have pictures to prove it.

Here are a few of my favorites from Tara's shoot...

To see the rest of the photos, head on over to my Facebook page!