Monday, February 21, 2011

Ashley - Trash the Dress / Freedom

Ashley and I go back - way back - to our elementary school days.  It had to have been 2nd or 3rd grade when we first met.  We played softball together.  Ended up in junior high Spanish together...  And wound up with most of our high school classes together.

When I started this company up, and I was trying to think of women that would be willing to trash their wedding dress, Ashley was the very first person I thought of.  I should mention that this is not any ordinary Trash the Dress session, though.  This Trash the Dress session celebrates Ashley's freedom and new-found love of her life.

I know from personal experience that not everything goes as planned or how you'd hoped.  Ashley's wedding was a beautiful celebration, but even beautiful celebrations can't keep two people together.  I'm proud of Ashley for standing up for herself and doing what she knew to be the right thing.  I'm also extremely happy for her, and her new love, Jason.

This Trash the Dress is about Ashley's happiness and freedom from something that wasn't right for her. It also signifies closure.  Oh, and a really good time, too!  :)  Ever wonder how fast a wedding dress will burn?  :)

Ashley was just getting started...

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