Saturday, December 31, 2011

Evelynn - Home Shoot

My lovely friend Elizabeth invited me to her home today so that I could take some photos of her beautiful daughter, Evelynn.  I love the idea of going to someone's house to take pictures of their children...or even the entire family.  But especially kids...  and babies.  It's so much easier for everyone.  Parents worry less about whether their kids will act good or bad.  They're in their own environment, with their own toys, and it's familiar to them.

I had fun visited with Elizabeth and Evelynn today.  She's such a good baby!  And she even has her own message for you...  keep scrolling!

Happy New Year!!

The rest of this session are on my Facebook page!

Tara - Boudoir

I love shooting with Tara!!  I'm so glad she wanted to get together and let me practice with my new lens.  I've been wanting to do a boudoir session for a while - I want to get better with indoor shooting, and with Valentine's Day coming up, what better type of session to practice with?!

It was cramped in the bedroom, and I was still learning my new angles (and still continue to) with this portrait lens.  On one hand, I feel so limited...on the other, it opens up SO many new possibilities...  I love the possibilities, so I see the limitations as a challenge.  I *will* get better with this lens!

Special thanks to Tara for taking me up on my last minute plea for a boudoir session today!  :)

Here are a few of my favorites from today...  The rest are on my Facebook page!

Beck Wagnon Photo Recognized! :)


I'm featured on The #Bahamas Daily!

Two of my photographs from my Bahamas vacation in 2010 made the Leisure section!  Maybe someone will buy them!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Beck Wagnon Photo - Etsy Store Updated!

I just posted some new photos for sale on my Etsy Store!  Check them out - they are from my trip to the Bahamas in December 2010, and fabulous if you love beach-themed anything and bright colors!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas from Beck Wagnon Photography!

I may call Georgia home right now, but my first home will always be Florida.

Merry Christmas, Florida-style!  :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Changes at BWP

It's almost time for the New Year, and the New Year always signifies change, doesn't it?  BWP is planning to move toward full time over the next few months, and has already added a bunch of networking and photography ideas...  *and* a new lens, which I am totally digging.  (See photos below!)

You can find me on Pinterest, gathering ideas.  Follow me there by searching Beck Wagnon Photography, and also check out my Photo Inspiration board.  My user name is beckwagnon.

I also joined Twitter.  Look at me, being all current and tech-savvy!  (I'm still figuring the Twitter thing out, but you can follow me there, too - @BeckWagnonPhoto.)

I think I must plug my Facebook page every time I post.  It's still there!

And I just opened my Etsy store, too!  This store is devoted to landscape and beautiful views - *not* any photos that I've taken of you! 

I'm hoping to have a real-life website up and running after the New Year.  My blog is awesome, and I will absolutely keep it, but I'm *also* hoping to integrate my blog into my website somehow.  I will leave that up to more knowledgeable people than myself...

Also, did you know that I probably won't be in the CSRA forever?  If you want your photo taken by BWP, you should probably schedule me soon!  I told you there are big changes coming, didn't I?  Stay tuned for news on my journey...but for now, check out my sweet baby, and some new shots with my portrait lens!

Not from my new lens, but a sweet shot nevertheless!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Stacy and Sean - Maternity Photos

I did a couples session with Stacy and Sean some months ago and during that session, we took some super top secret photos announcing her pregnancy.  It was a very cute way to announce the pregnancy whenever Stacy and Sean felt comfortable doing so.  I was honored to take Stacy's maternity photos during this trip home to Florida.  They will be absolutely fabulous parents, and I am sooo looking forward to taking some photos of their beautiful baby boy when he arrives.  :)  Check out some of my faves!

 The rest of the session can be found here.

Ashley and Jason - An Engagement Session

I love taking pictures for this couple!  As I mentioned before, Ashley and I go back...way back!  It's great to see her so happy and in love.  Ashley and Jason got engaged on 11-11-11 - such a cool date!  They've set their wedding for one year later, 11-11-12, and I'm very excited to hear and see all of the planning since Ashley does wedding planning herself!  This chick has some fabulous ideas, which I absolutely love...  When clients bring ideas to the shoot, it makes my job more exciting.  And the results are great, too.  Here are a few (or more than a few?) photos from our shoot at Disney's Boardwalk Resort.

The rest of the session can be found on my Facebook page!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mom & Son Shoot

What a great shoot!!  Vicky and Leo were so awesome to be around...  Leo might have started off a little shy, but by the time the shutter started clicking, he lit up!  Check out a few of my favorites, and check out the rest on my Facebook page!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Jen's Downtown Shoot

I think Jen is one of the nicest girls you will ever meet.  I was totally excited to spend a few minutes shooting some edgy shots - a huge contrast from the super sweet girl Jen really is.  I love that naughty & nice combo!  Check 'em out!

As always, check my Facebook page for the rest of the shoot!

Tara's Christmas Shoot

Check out these super cute, super fun photos from my Christmas-themed shoot with Tara and her pups!

The rest of the shoot is on my Facebook page!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

RaeLee, AJ and the Beautiful Audrey

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting RaeLee and her beautiful family for the first time.  AJ works with a mutual friend who had pictures done by me, and the rest is history!  I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with this sweet little family.  Check out a few of my favorites!!

The rest of the session can be found on my Facebook page!