Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tara - Trash the Dress

What a fun shoot!

Your mama always told you to be careful when you're wearing that white shirt (or dress), didn't she?  She'd be pretty ticked off if you messed it up, wouldn't she?  What about that bride who was SO paranoid that her beautiful, pure, white dress would be ruined for her big day? 

What about those people who throw complete caution into the wind and just go with it?

Tara's one of those people!  This girl was FABULOUS to shoot, let me tell you!  It was 50-something degrees outside, and the water was probably 38 or 39 degrees.  Most people, myself included, would think, "Are you crazy?  I'm not going in that water."  Tara didn't care.  She jumped in.  Totally committed!

The idea of Trash the Dress isn't for everyone - most women think that their dress is incredibly sentimental and they want to save it for their future daughters...the majority of which will not be caught dead in their mom's old school wedding dress, by the way...  Why not have fun after your big day?  Mess it up, make some memories - that's what Trash the Dress is about.  Now, this shoot with Tara wasn't with a wedding dress, but it certainly played off of the same concept - have fun, get messy, and make sure you have pictures to prove it.

Here are a few of my favorites from Tara's shoot...

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