Sunday, December 19, 2010

Shooting in Savannah - Alex, Morgan, and Kendall, and Danielle!

Savannah is one of my most favorite places to visit - but I usually visit when the weather is bright and sunny.  Until this weekend, I don't think I'd been to Savannah when it was raining...not only was it raining this weekend, but it was frigid!

I met up with my first friend ever (our BFF moms were pregnant at the same time), Danielle, in Savannah...and then we met up with my childhood friend Alex, and her two beautiful daughters.  Don't they look cute?  And angelic?  These girls were the most well-behaved kids I've ever been around!  Of course, they were an absolute joy to shoot.  I'd like to thank Alex and her kiddos, and Danielle (and of course, my husband) for toughing out the weather and being patient while I clicked away behind the shutter.  :)

Looks like we had a good time despite the weather, doesn't it?  It's true!  Savannah is nice, even when it's chilly and wet.

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