Monday, May 28, 2012

My Sweet Girl ... and Photoshop

It's a rare occasion these days to get a smile out of my sweet girl when I'm behind the camera.  She is such the typical photog's kid in that she will make every face under the sun--except a smile--just to irritate me.  I happened to have a handful of photos from the last few days where I actually got her to smile, and decided this morning was a fab time for me to figure out the whole storyboard/diptych thing in Photoshop.  I am happy to say, with the help of some fabulous actions I found from the CoffeeShop blog, that I figured it out.  It was actually a piece of cake!

The first two were actually a product of a "punishment" that I enforced when Autumn decided that she would continue begging for candy.  I'm not sure why I thought of it, and I'm shocked it actually worked.  During that small session with her, which lasted no more than five minutes, I snapped about fifty photos.  Truthfully, only 6-7 of them were useable, but I'm shocked that a "punishment" actually worked and I got a few smiling photos.  The black and white one of her rolling her eyes is so very typical of my sweet girl, and is actually the best one that I caught.

The last one with the awesome color blocks was right before one of her swim lessons.  She's such a water baby, and I know she was excited about it.  I'm tickled over this photo because I do the *same* thing in so many of the ones that I have taken of me.  My mom HATES when I make faces like that, but I can't say the same about's kinda nice to see she's the spitting image of me. 

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