Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jessica - Downtown Augusta shoot

I've had this shoot in my head for what seems like ages - how cool would it be to find someone with awesome tattoos and an awesome setting and take photos?  The way I envisioned it, I needed a brick wall...not just any brick wall, but an old brick wall, and someone with tattoos...  My goal was something edgy.  Pretty, but edgy.

I feel like I accomplished this with my wonderful friend, Jessica.  Here she is:

I had fun with this shoot because Jessica is one of the most laid back people I know.  I used to work with her, and now she's just a short walk eternal optimist with a mean streak of DIY, she was SO EASY to shoot.  Plus, she may or may not have had someone on her mind - oh la la!  :)

In the area we were in, we had some run-down buildings, a nice fountain, a brick staircase, plenty of greenery, and some old railroad tracks.  The perfect place for a variety of photos!  Check out the results from this shoot!

This one is one of my favorites:

You would never believe this picture came from GEORGIA...only a few days ago, we had ice!!

Right about this time, a bicycle cop rode by.  I think he waved and shouted something, but I stopped shooting.  He yelled back that he was trying to make the shot.  I promptly replied back to him, "FAIL!"  He never made it into any shots.  

This one is another one of my favorites -

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  1. Just scrolled back to this one when I saw that you had a tag for tattoos - I love the way some of your edits really bring out the colors on her arm!